Create spoken commands

Before you can create a command, you must turn on Speakable Items in Accessibility preferences. You should also calibrate speech recognition in your current environment, if you haven’t done so already. Calibrate speech recognitionAlthough you don’t need to train speech recognition to recognize your voice, you may need to calibrate it to your environment. Make(…)


Speech recognition

With speech recognition, you can control your computer and apps using spoken commands. You can speak commands that open apps, choose menu items, email contacts from your address book, and more. A number of commands, or “speakable items,” are already created for you. You can create your own commands and add them to the Speakable(…)


Speakable Items

Normally, speech recognition listens for commands only when you press the “listening key,” which is by default the Esc (Escape) key. If you prefer, you can set speech recognition to listen continuously and act on a command when it hears you speak a certain word, without you first pressing a key. Choose Apple menu >(…)